Our Support Services

We’re not only here to help with the treatment of cancer, but also with the emotional toll it takes on our patients, families and staff. RMCC support groups are where you can get the love and encouragement you need to stay strong.

Our Support Services

Understanding information about your disease and its treatment may be difficult at first. Well-meaning friends and family may supply information that is not correct. Information from popular news sources - radio, television, newspapers and magazines - probably won't contain information that is specific or accurate enough for you. Sorting through all the details can be confusing without a reliable source of information.

The best sources of information about your specific illness and the treatment meant for it are the physicians, nurses and other specialists who will care for you. Don't be afraid to ask them about things you don't understand. The more informed you are about your condition, the stronger a partner you are in your own care, and the more effective we are in helping you fight your illness.

Support Groups

RMCC offers support groups for patients, family and staff. Individuals diagnosed with cancer attend support groups to share their feelings with others facing the same challenges cancer brings to their lives. The groups meet at RMCC's locations.

  • Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Young Women with Cancer
  • Look Good Feel Better
  • Living with Metastatic and/or Recurrent Cancer
  • Strategies for Living with Cancer
  • Ongoing Cancer Specific Education Programs
  • Men with Cancer
  • Post-Treatment Support Group for Women

Meetings are posted on our Support Calendar. For more information about these support groups, contact an RMCC Facility near you.

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